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Can I buy pottery from this website?
At the present time I don't plan on supporting direct sales from this website. All pieces are handmade and are best seen and handled in person since I cannot guarantee consistency in colour, texture and size of items from pictures viewed online. Our Gallery Showroom is open year round if you're in the area and able to visit us.

Can you ship pottery to me if I want to purchase from you?
I don't ship on a regular basis. I do send the odd item as a service to people who already know my work, and for replacement requests. I only do this for small and single items as a rule because of the risk of breakage and cost of post and packing. I charge a small fee for packaging plus the cost of postage for this service. Please contact us directly with any enquiries.

Do you carry a large inventory of these items?
I make a large variety of work, so do not always have everything in stock at any one time. For instance, if mugs are needed to match a teapot, a customer may have to wait a while for them to be made.

How much variation in color and design is there between batches?
Because of the nature of the process I employ, I cannot guarantee that items can be repeated as shown. Colours and effects vary, especially the reds, depending on materials, atmosphere and pack of the kiln, not to mention the mood of the artist! Therefore each piece is unique.